Monthly Archives: September 2006

Government Web Sites as Research Tools

When you’re researching a legal topic, don’t forget to look for relevant government web sites; they can be valuable sources of statistical information, policy reports, and links. For example, if your note topic is tracing the historical development of laws regulating sustainable agriculture, then the United States Department of Agriculture hosted site, Alternative Farming Information Center, Sustainable Agriculture Resources, might be helpful. Whatever your topic is, try putting your keywords into Google, and then add to your search string. Your search will be limited to government web sites, and you should get very focused results. My search for government resources on sustainable agriculture was:
sustainable agriculture

Spotlight on…Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals

A multilingual index to journal articles, yearbooks, essay collections and book reviews published worldwide, the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals covers international (public and private), comparative, and municipal law of countries other than the United States, the U.K., Canada, or Australia. Search by •Keyword •Author •Title (of the article) and •Journal. Interested in researching an international environmental issue such as climate change? A simple keyword search on “climate change” in this database retrieves 20 records including author, title and complete journal citation. A subject-specific index such as the Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals can be a good place to start, because you have already narrowed your search results simply by using this index. Access this database by going to the library’s main webpage at and clicking on the Research Databases button at the top right, then Subscription Databases below. Coverage begins in 1985 and the database is updated quarterly.

Spotlight on … LAWTEL

LawTel is an Index to current United Kingdom and European Union Articles, and Electronic collection of UK and EU practice materials, case law, proposed and adopted legislation, treaties, commission reports and notices. Also includes searchable database of UK barristers and chambers, and guides to UK practice in Human Rights, Local Government, Personal Injury, Civil Procedure and Employment Law.
Coverage: current
Access: restricted to Hastings students, faculty, and staff