Monthly Archives: February 2007

Finding UN Documents by Symbol

If you have citation to a UN document that includes a symbol (some examples are: A/62/50 or ST/ADM/SER.B/517 or E/CN.4/2006/10/Add.2) go to UNBISnet, the United Nations Bibliographic Information System of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, and search here.
Many UN document symbols start with a letter (the first component of the symbol which reflects the parent organ issuing the document or to which the document is being submitted):
A/- (General Assembly)
S/- (Security Council)
E/- (Economic and Social Council)
ST/- (Secretariat)
Coverage on UNBISnet is from 1979 onward, however, they are adding older documents on a regular basis.

How to Get Ideas for a Note Topic

To see a list of recent cases organized by topic (including but not limited to: Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Commercial Law, Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Law, Family Law, Health, Intellectual Property, Labor & Employment, Products Liability, Real Property or Tax), look in the Westlaw Directory under Legal Periodicals & Current Awareness | Westlaw Highlights & Bulletins | Westlaw Topical Highlights.
If you’re interested in recent cases by jurisdiction, the following states have summaries of recent federal and state judicial, legislative, and administrative activities: California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. The state bulletins are found in the Westlaw Directory under Legal Periodicals & Current Awareness | Westlaw Highlights & Bulletins | Westlaw State Bulletins.
Find Circuit Splits: You can read the arguments in each circuit and then decide how the circuit split should be resolved. Find these at Split Circuits – A blog dedicated to tracking developments concerning splits among the federal circuit courts, written by Professor A. Benjamin Spencer from the University of Richmond School of Law.
Look at subject specific current awareness resources such as BNA’s International Trade Reporter and Family Law Reporter. These resources list hot topics of current interest to practitioners and academics.
The Lexis Hot Topics webpage is a good place to read about interesting new laws and proposed legislation. Another great source for current topics are newsletters. One way to access them on Lexis is to go to News & Business > News > By Industry & Topic > Legal where you can select categories such as: Banking Law, Bankruptcy Law, Corporate Law, Employment and Labor Law, Entertainment Law, Environmental Law, Health Care Law, Insurance Law, International Law, Litigation, School Law, Securities Law and more.

All Campus Read on March 2nd

Tired of reading textbooks and want to read something with implications for your future? There are two copies of Unbending Gender: why family and work conflict and what to do about it by Professor Joan Williams available at the Circulation Desk in the First Floor Library. They can be checked out for one week. This will give you enough time to finish reading the book before the discussion that will take place on Friday, March 2 at 12:40 in room A.
The library has additional copies that can be retrieved from our storage space. Just click here to pull it up in the library’s online catalog and let us know you want it by clicking the Request button. Books that we bring from storage can be checked out for one month.

First Floor Library Changes Continue

As we begin preparations to move back into 200 McAllister, the library staff has begun reorganizing the collection.
Students looking for items in the call number range KF1 – KF 3200 (approximately the position of Milgrim on Trade Secrets, should also browse along the west wall (the Hyde Street street). This is where the books are being stored while they’re being processed for the move.
If you have any problems locating an item, please ask someone at the Reference Desk for assistance.

Panel Discussion on Film: “Race to Execution”

There will be a free public screening of a documentary movie addressing death penalty issues at the San Francisco Public Library (a block away from Hastings) on February 22nd at 6 pm. Join Professor Rory Little as he moderates a post-screening panel. Full info is here.
If capital punishment is a topic of interest to you, there are other films in the Hastings Law Library dealing with that theme. These are available at the Circulation Desk for a 3-day borrowing period.

“Where Have All the Shepard’s® Gone?”

The Shepard’s® are now located in the front of the Circulation Desk. The Federal set is on the left side, and the California and the Pacific Reporter sets are on the right side next to the Witkin’s®. We have changed the location of other sets of books in preparation for the eventual move back to the 200 building. Here are more changes:
* The Pacific Reporter volumes have been placed in storage. You can get .pdf versions from this database on Westlaw.
* Exams were moved to the Gold Reading Room in Alcove 3. Exams are also online at the library website.
* The Pacific Digest is now in between the California Statutes and Amendments to the Code and the California Regulations towards the back of the First Floor Library.
* The Restatements are now in the Gold Reading Room in Alcove 12.
As we continue to change things around, we will keep you posted.