Judicial Clerkships: the universal career boost

On Wednesday, February 14th, there will be Judicial Clerkship Panel in the federal district courtroom of Judge William Alsup, just a block and a half from here at 450 Golden Gate, at 3:45 pm. The panel will feature a former U.S. Supreme Court clerk, a former 9th Circuit Court of Appeals clerk, former U.S. District Court clerks, and a former CA Supreme Court clerk.
A clerkship is a great opportunity to work with those who make the law. The experience usually enhances your marketability for almost any legal career. If you’re interested, check out Prof. Cohen’s webpage with more info here. The judicial internship program at Hastings will give you all the tools you need to work with a judge, even research skills.
(If you’re planning on attending Wednesday’s panel, please RSVP to careers@uchastings.edu or on HastingsCareers.com)