Library Launches Hastings Faculty Publications Database

The Hastings Law Library is pleased to announce the launch of the Hastings Faculty Publications Database. The Library has created a comprehensive repository of Bluebook citations and links (when available) to the scholarship of the current Hastings College of the Law faculty. Now you can search Hastings faculty publications by Name, Subject, Publication Type, Journal, Keyword and Date. Or you can browse the list of Regular, Distinguished and Emeritus Faculty by name. The database is kept up to date regularly.
Thanks to everyone who has been involved in this project from the start: Librarians Hilary Hardcastle, Chuck Marcus, Susan Nevelow Mart; David Seward for greenlighting the project; Holly Gatto for data derivation programming; Derek Christiansen for database programming; Marilyn Smith for technical advice; Jenni Parrish and Evan Lee for insight and encouragement; Dan Taysom for server implementation; Interns and Temps – Alysa Gerard, Christina McKennerney, Michelle Dipuma.

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