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Free Official Online Source for UK Legislation

A new website maintained by the UK National Archives,, compiles all UK legislation from 1988 to the present day and most pre-1988 primary legislation. Types of legislation available on the site include:
UK Public General Acts
UK Local Acts
Acts of the Scottish Parliament
Measures of the National Assembly for Wales
Church Measures
Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Acts of the Old Scottish Parliament
Acts of the English Parliament
Acts of the Old Irish Parliament
Acts of the Parliament of Great BritainUK Statutory Instruments
Wales Statutory Instruments
Scottish Statutory Instruments
Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Northern Ireland Statutory Rules
Church Instruments
UK Ministerial Orders
Measures of the Northern Ireland Assembly
Acts of the Northern Ireland Parliament
This site is the official website for newly enacted UK legislation; new legislation is usually published within 24 hours of its publication in printed form. Check the website’s “Help” page for further details.
For more information on using some of these resources, check out Hastings Law Library’s English Case Law research guide.