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Collection Highlight: Art Law Databases

Get your research started with the Art Law Subject Guide, by Hilary Hardcastle, for print and online resources available at UC Hastings and elsewhere:

Databases at UC Hastings

ProQuest: The Arts
Subject database of the ProQuest aggregated full-text database of journal articles, newspapers and dissertations. Includes ARTbibliographies Modern (ABM) (a bibliography available for the study of modern and contemporary art), CBCA Complete: The Arts (Canadian art periodicals), e-brary ebooks, and Index Islamicus.

HeinOnline art law journals
Full-text access to legal journals on HeinOnline, including the Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts, the Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, and the Florida Entertainment, Art, & Sport Law Journal.

Databases at the San Francisco Public Library
Available to San Francisco Public Library cardholders.

Select “Art & Music” under the Database category dropdown menu. Below are some important databases.

Art Full Text (Wilson)
Includes the full text of articles from an array of art journals going back to 1997.

CAMIO – Catalog of Art Museum Images Online | (OCLC)
Includes almost 100,000 high-resolution images from museums around the world, including the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and SFMOMA.

Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text | (Ebsco)
Subject coverage includes film & television theory, preservation & restoration, screenwriting, production, cinematography, technical aspects, and reviews.

Full-text access to over 1,000 academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs. Browse alphabetically by subject: scroll down the page to “arts”.

Free Databases

Google Books: Art Law
Free text of books scanned by Google. May contain either the entire text of the book, or sample pages to assist you to determine a book’s content.

HG.Org Art & Cultural Law Databases links
A list of links to art-related legal documents, in the United States and worldwide.

World Catalog: Art Law Books
Click a books’ record and enter your zip code to find nearby libraries that hold the book. For specific topics, enter keywords in the basic search field

Behind the Veil: Documenting African American Life in the Jim Crow South

Behind the Veil website

“A project by the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies that records and preserves the living memory of African American life during the age of legal segregation in the American South, from the 1890s to the 1950s. One hundred of the 1,000+ interviews have been digitized and made available on this site, with transcripts, totaling about 175 hours of recordings and 10,000 pages of text.”

(Duke University, Behind the Veil website)

Launched in 2007, is designed to help the public track federal spending. It establish a single searchable website, accessible to the public at no cost, which includes details for each Federal award received, including: 1. The name of the entity receiving the award; 2. The amount of the award; 3. Information on the award including transaction type, funding agency, etc; 4. The location of the entity receiving the award; and 5. A unique identifier of the entity receiving the award. Prime award information shown on the website is provided by Federal Agencies.