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NEW! Online West’s Study Aids

The Law Library is excited to announce that you now have full access to West’s Online Study Aids.  These include the Acing Series, Black Letter Outlines, Career Guides, Concise Hornbooks, the Exam Pro Series, Flash Cards, Gilbert Law Summaries, High Court Case Summaries, Hornbooks, Law Stories, Legalines, Nutshells, the Short & Happy Guides, the Sum & Substance Series, and the Turning Point series.   You can access them here:  If you lose this link, you can find it in the library’s Online Databases list ( and in the library catalog. 


You can search and browse the study aids without creating an account.  If you want to access them in e-book format so you can take notes and add highlights, you will need to create an account by clicking on the “Create Account” link at the top of the homepage.  Please feel free to email the reference librarians at if you have any questions. 


Research & Writing Advice: Law Review Notes & Seminar Papers

Here are two books that might be helpful when you start writing your law review note or seminar paper:

They both include information about choosing a topic, writing & editing your paper, and getting your paper published.

Jump start your exam review period with Study Aids

Study aids are an excellent tool to review legal subjects, and may include outlines, practice questions, charts and other useful review tools.  As the final exams approach, you may want to check out our Study Aids Guide . The guide lists study aids available at the UC Hastings library by legal topic. Many study aids are kept at the 4th floor Circulation Desk reserves area, and can be checked out for two hours (or, in some cases, 24 hours).

Deering’s California Codes Collection

The San Francisco office of Pillsbury Winthrop has recently donated to the Hastings Law Library its collection of Deering’s California Codes.  Dating back to 1866 when the Bancroft-Whitney Company of San Francisco began publishing the codes in 1866, this collection includes not only the bound volumes, but all of the supplements and pocket parts.  These volumes promise to be an invaluable tool for conducting California legislative history research or finding the law exactly as codified in any particular year.  These codes find a welcome home at the alma mater of its namesake, James H. Deering.  An 1881 Hastings College of the Law graduate, Deering’s accomplishments include not only editing the California Codes, but building the San Francisco Law Library into a nationally recognized institution and rebuilding it after the 1906 earthquake destroyed its collection of 30,000 volumes.  This set is shelved in the southwest corner on the Library’s 6th floor (the McAllister Street side nearest Larkin Street).  For more on the life of Deering, see James H. Deering Has Crossed the Bar, 46 Law Libr. J. 242 (1953).

Space, Hippies and Harry Potter

Lewis, Eric. The Space of Law and the Law of Space. 19 Int’l J. Semiotics L. 293-309 (2006).
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